Odds n’ ends from Keith Chambers’ desk

Keith S. Chambers, from California, makes the most exquisite art stamps.  He’s sent me a delightful collection of little paper treasures, including stamps in celebration of the Dada centenary.

2017-10-24 11.23.46.jpg

Keith Chambers - Odds n ends.jpg




Greek Banana Mail Art from Katerina Nikoltsou

This one really took a while to get from Greece to Brazil, but here it is, finally!  A colourful and polite banana that came to say “hello”.  Well, hello back at you!

Mystery Women from Jay Block

I recently received this card from Jay Block.  It has the painting of a woman – perhaps from the 18th century – torn, the center part is missing and one side is glued upside down.  Who is she, I wonder? What does this mean?
Then I accidentally found a piece of the mystery on Katerina Nikoltsou’s blog.  She has the complementary part of this piece!  How exciting it is that we can now see the woman’s face:
J Block Mystery Woman.jpg
I still don’t recognise the painting, thought.  Probably, that’s not what really matters about this work.  Maybe it would be wiser just to focus on the composition and the use of words replacing the woman’s face. Or even, the wonderful stamps on the flip side.  I like the tiny naked woman from a different time, falling on a giant safety pin.  It’s fun to imagine that she could just fly away on it.  Or maybe she’s already flying and is about to enter the curtains on the other stamp.  Or else, she’s flying to the moon.
J Block Mistery Woman-1.jpg